TechFairy Voyage!

TechFairy Voyage!


     Those words can strike fear into hearts, spread guilt and shame for those of us whom have started MULTIPLE blogs and FAILED! So why do we keep on doing it because we are looking for our nitch, acceptance, and our tribe (stolen by Kate Perry).  I know I have found mine and it has taken me this long and it feels GOOD! I am proud to say that I am a techy teacher that enjoys helping others make that journey of embracing their tech side.  With that said, I know that I could not be on this journey without my partner in crime and friend, Michele.  
     Together we are the TechFairies and our mission is to provide, train, teach, and learn with the other educators out there that are willing to enhance their skills as educators and do what is best for their students.  This journey allows for us to become lead learners and learn from failures and successes.  I know that it is not a easy one and it makes one very vulnerable but the path is awesome.  This journey has been a great one.  So I hope you enjoy this journey of learning along with us! 

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