The Assessment Cycle – and TIME; we’re NONSTOP!

The Assessment Cycle – and TIME; we’re NONSTOP!

So I waited the dreaded 60 days, re-took the Level 2 Google Certificated Educator exam and PASSED! Hooray!

This time was just as stressful, if not more, than the last since a *fail* here would have, seriously, crushed me.

But, I knew what I knew and I was sure that if I didn’t freak myself out and linger too long on any of the multiple-choice questions (I have always HATED multiple choice; I try to out-think the exam), I would be OK. I knew my errors from the previous test, I knew EXACTLY what I’d messed up as soon as I read my results, and was probably OVER-prepared. Which, again, in my brain can be disastrous.

Ro was nice enough to sit at my table with me and work, offering moral support as I cursed a few times when my keyboard/trackpad was lagging a bit. SHE was the one who saw the results screen first. I HAD to get up, walk away, and get some love from my cat. We hugged and jumped for joy a few times, and then headed out to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate, my hands and heart still shaking.

So, for anyone who is thinking of taking Level 2, IT IS GRUELING. It is a full-on challenge, ย and the feeling of over-coming that challenge is awesome.

Especially after FAILURE.

And, again, that failure forced me to re-focus and re-evaluate which tasks I had fumbled, and prepared me to learn and review those tasks that needed more attention. Just as we would hope our students would do, the “assessment cycle” had me spend more time on certain skills and try again for mastery. Emphasis on TIME, I tell them; some people just need more TIME than others. And 60 days is a lot of time, BUT, done and done!

Now, with REAL back-to-school preparations starting in just about a month, two EdTechTeam GAFE Summits, and Google’s GeoTools Institute before that, July will be busy!! Ro and I are also gearing up to apply for the Las Vegas (September), San Diego/Coronado (October), and Temecula Valley – WOOOOOT – (November) Summits. Today, Ro and I are spending our lunch time together, doing “stuff” (focus to be determined later) at a local watering hole (that has WiFi) and setting up a Valley-wide PubPD. Look for more information on that soon, local friends!

In addition to that, I’ve spent all of June getting my mind around gamifying my classroom next year – my biggest shift EVER – and creating my storyline, badges, items, and a website to support it all. No rest for the wicked!

Why do I work like I’m running out of time? The girl is NON STOP. #HamiltonChat

Until next time,

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