Mind Blown

Mind Blown

… and not because of one particular revelation or moment. My mind truly does feel blown and I’m hoping this weekend will restore it somewhat.

(1) My daughter arrives from Nashville tomorrow, and my son will be driving down from Anaheim. We’ll enjoy being together to watch my nephew (my children’s ONLY cousin) begin his senior basketball season, and then face the harder task of sharing memories of their uncle (50 years old!) at his “Celebration of Life” on Sunday. I’m about to turn 55, and I’ve known the kid since he was 14. I was the first to take him driving when he got his permit and the only one who enjoyed helping with his homework. My mind – and heart – have been blown, and I’m hoping that time spent with family will heal a lot of crusty feelings that have developed over the past 5-or-so years.

(2) Despite my “Black Rainbow” nickname, I do truly feel deeply. And those of us with deep feels know that sometimes it messes with our minds and emotions. And when my mind is going, I can’t sleep. Lack of sleep = lack of filter and I can’t help it if my BS meter is finely tuned and my eyes flash “WTH???” too quickly (thankfully it’s just my eyes and I can usually keep my mouth shut). I’m super pragmatic most of the time, so when I can’t stuff those feels into nice little containers, the world seems to spin a lot faster. And I might get carsick.

(3) This morning, I woke up, loaded up Facebook first and read over more vitriol and justification. It blows my mind & definitely not in a good way. And, while I appreciate the men and women of our military and thank them for their service on this Veteran’s Day, I definitely consider myself a wanna-be citizen of the world and wish we didn’t have to have armed forces.

(4) Blessings upon blessings … or invitations upon invitations … have been rolling in for Ro and me to provide professional development or to get ourselves developed ;-). I don’t know why or how this is happening other than we LOVE PEOPLE. I guess our desire to help and just hang out with like-minded people has to continue to put us in positions of acceptance and this brings us great joy. GREAT joy. Yesterday (Thurs. Nov 10), we received our most recent invitation which requires us to submit an application which is due Monday. No pressure. So little pressure that it kept me up most of the night thinking about what the heck I’m going to put on a 1 to 2-minute video, especially when I hate being on video in the first place (you KNOW, it killed the radio star!). We’ll be happy to announce this AMAZING opportunity IF we are accepted into the program. Cross your fingers for us! In other excitement, we were also asked to make ourselves available for the Las Vegas EdTechTeam Summit the end of January, and the CAEOP (California Association of Educational Office Professionals) Conference toward the end of March.

^ HEY! I see that!!! ^

(4) Christmas ads. Now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. I’m not the one who laments the decorations coming into the stores earlier and earlier every year (unless I’m not paying attention and miss some sales!). I love Christmas crafting and gift giving; I put up 7 trees in my house; I have a cookie exchange with a large group of friends; sometimes someone will remember my birthday is stuck in their somewhere.  😉 But the ads this year, mostly in the margins of my Twitter and FB feeds have me stressed out. I will not be home during Thanksgiving Break to get my decorating done. Not that it’s a bad thing — I’m going to Chicago to see Hamilton, <OMG OMG OMG> but… well,,, if you know me, you know I like things *just so*. It will get done. It always does. I just don’t think it will be at the usual leisurely pace! And, thank God for online shopping!

(5) It’s already 9:30 and Ro told me she’d be here around 10. We’re taking sanctuary in the quiet of my house to get these applications done, grade some papers, get some certifications done, and start reviewing for our Trainer certificate. I should shower. First, I’ll go unlock the door so she can let herself in.

Maybe the hot water on my head will calm me. It’s an exciting time, but again… I had planned to walk toward my retirement quietly, and that is NOT happening.

<3 MO

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