K-2 Really Can Too!

K-2 Really Can Too!

As a teacher, trainer, and presenter, I embrace what our primary teachers do for their young students. I know sometimes I think: what could those younger students do? How could they create and demonstrate their learning? How can I help to support those teachers?

When I found out about #K2CanToo conference, I noticed that we, TechFairies, had missed the deadline to submit our sessions. Yet, this opportunity would not go unnoticed. So I printed the event flyer and distributed to others at my site.

I contacted Susan Stewart, the founder, that I was so excited that several teachers were attending and that I was sorry to have missed the presenter deadline; but next year the TechFairies would make every effort to submit a proposal on time. Susan kindly invited us to submit some sessions to present. This would be a great experience for us both! Did I mention that our last day of school was Friday, June 2 and this conference was on Saturday the 3rd? Lol…why not?! MO was thrilled, no really she was this time. I tend to “volunteer” us for events or projects frequently, so I expected a frown or an eyeroll but I got a smile instead!

It was fun to think outside the box and come up with ideas that young students and their teachers could do since both MO and I teach 10 to 11-year-olds. We presented on New Google Earth and its uses in the classroom. For example, we created a passport for young students to draw and write about the location that they “flew” too. In addition, we shared how students could write a creative story based on a location, or use the I’m’ Feeling Lucky dice to pick to locations and compare and contrast them. Teachers explored the Voyager stories and discuss how that could help facilitate discussions in their classrooms. Lastly using MyMaps, to track a gingerbread man on his adventure and upload that KML file into New Google Earth. Super fun…I know!

KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth.”- source

MO facilitated an “OH, The Places You’ll Go” *Breakout. MO is passionate about Breakouts and has conducted many. However, this was her first Breakout as an authorized trainer! CONGRATS! I presented about using Google Forms to increase student & teacher productivity. No worries I am currently writing a blog post about my favorite add-ons to use with forms! 

Not only did we present but we always attend sessions as well. We love to learn! I enjoyed a session from Ann Kozma on device management. I walked away with simple but effective ways to train, distribute, and maintain all the devices in my classroom.  Brilliant and easy ideas that you could start on Monday!

MO and I attended a session with Amanda Haughs about SeeSaw and it was impressive…both the presenter and the session :)! Here are some of the amazing functions that SeeSaw provides:

  • All in one app for student digital portfolios.
  • Parent will ONLY see their student portfolios
  • Parents/Students can comments
  • Create folders on phone or tablets: use emojis for your folders for your non-readers 🙂
  • Allow students to “Folder” or categorize their work!
  • Calendar View to see what posts were uploaded that day
  • The blog feature is accessible to the public but can be password protected.

Visit SeeSaw to learn more about their product features.

Susan and her team have inspired many teachers at this conference. I was so happy to see my fellow colleagues so excited and confident that they could take what they have learned and pass it on to their students. I loved that my colleagues could experience the roller coaster ride of learning using technology. Conferences and summits provide more than just learning, they provide a place to connect, collaborate, and create. Most importantly they provide a network of people who are passionate, scared, and excited about learning!

Thank you, Susan, for following your idea and passion for you have truly inspired me and many others! Keep creating!




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