EdTech Adventures

EdTech Adventures


August 5th & 6th: Mountain View EdTechTeam Summit (CA)

August 1st & 2nd: Bakersfield EdTechTeam Summit (CA)

July 16th-20th: Google Geo Teachers Institute, Mountain View, CA

June 24th-29th: ISTE Conference, San Antonio, Texas

May 5th & 6th: National Geographic and Google Seattle

March 30th & 31st: Manchester EdTechTeam Summit (MO)

March 15th-18th: CUE National Conference, Palm Springs, CA

March 12th, 13th, & 14th: Google Chicago

March 11th: CAEOP Conference, Lake Arrowhead, CA

February 25th & 26th: San Gabriel Valley EdTechTeam Summit

February 23rd: PubPD

January 28th & 29th: Las Vegas EdTechTeam Summit

January 26th: PubPD

January 21st: IACUE Tech Fair Temecula- Presenters

January 9th: New Google Sites Session at Olivewood Elementary in National City, CA – Presenter


November 9th: TVUSD Google Forms for Beginners-Presenters

November 5th-6th: EdTechTeam Temecula Valley Summit-Presenters

October 25th: Susan LaVorgna Elementary-Parents Connect: Intro to Google Chromebooks (1st of a series of 4 parent nights)

October 8th-9th: EdTechTeam San Diego Summit-Presenters : (1 year PRESENTERversary!)

September 17th-18th: EdTechTeam San Bernardino Summit-Presenter

September 16th: TVUSD Tech Day

AUGUST: REST, PREP, and START a new school year with our 5th Graders! 🙂

July 25-26th: Google Geo Teachers Institute-Attendees

July 23-24: EdTechTeam Mountain View Summit-Presenters

July 12th-13th: EdTechTeam Riverside Summit-Presenters

June 29th-July 1st: Google For Education Innovator Academy, Boulder, CO- RO is accepted! (GCI) #col16

June 14th-15th: EdTechTeam Bakersfield Summit-Presenters

April 16th -17th: EdTechTeam Imperial Valley-Presenters


March 17th-19th: CUE National Conference Palm Springs 2016– Attendees/Volunteers

March 12th & 13th: EdTechTeam Los Angeles County-Presenters

February: LES Staff Training-Presenters

January 30-31: EdTechTeam Las Vegas Summit– Presenters

January 4th: TVUSD 4th and 5th Grade Technology Professional Development-Presenters


November 21st & 22nd: EdTechTeam Temecula Valley-Presenters

October 16th & 17th: EdTechTeam San Diego-FIRST TIME GAFE PRESENTERS!

August 1st & 2nd: EdTechTeam Orange County-Attendees

June 10th: Administrators Google Training for TVUSD-Presenters

May 18th: Extensions, Add-ons, and Apps for TVUSD-Presenters

April 30th: The Power of Google for TVUSD-Presenters

April 23rd: Google Basics for TVUSD-Presenters

March 21-22: CUE 2015: Google for Education-Attendees

March 11th: LES Staff Training-Presenters

January 24-25: EdTechTeam Las Vegas Summit– FIRST TIME SUMMIT ATTENDEES!