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Dear Geeky Tribe

So, at the EdTechTeam GAFE Summit here in Temecula last weekend, Kate Petty‘s closing keynote mentioned finding “your tribe”. She mentioned how others, even family, scoff at our geekiness. Yes. Case in point: Yesterday (Thanksgiving) I woke up at 5:00 AM. I didn’t have to wake up at 5, but I did. Even though I’ve prepared MANY holiday meals at my house, this year I was a nervous wreck. Maybe because it’s the first one without my daddy, and I…

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Microblogs of CA Geo Teachers Institute #CAGTI17

Microblog is different from a traditional blog because it will have content that is short usually with more pictures and will be posted more frequently. At ISTE17, I was overwhelmed by the experience. I took notes, pictures, videos …but now to write a blog about my days at ISTE.  Well, that is a lot of information to discuss but I did a post about my takeaways from it. However, during my time at ISTE, I loved Ann Kozma’s idea of microblogging using PicCollage….

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Vegas Bound!

I have about 10 minutes to do this post before we officially arrive in Vegas, the land where it all began! I can write and drive…just kidding. MO is driving! At this time last year, we were without a “tribe”. We did not even know that tribes of our kind existed. As far we knew were we going to get a little information on how to use technology in education and come back to tell our principal that it was…

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