About the Ro & MO: The TechFairies

About the Ro & MO: The TechFairies

Our EDTECH adventure began with one conference in 2015 that lead to us being called the TechFairies. We are two elementary school teachers that love to share our resources and classroom adventures.

Rosalinda Jaimes
Rosalinda “RO”

Rosalinda “Ro” has been focused on bringing technology into her classroom since she started teaching in 2005. As a member of TVUSD’s “EETT” grant team, she has been on the cutting edge of what our district has to offer to its teachers. Rosalinda enjoys overwhelming others by empowering them with technology. Welcome to the Tech Side! Tech will be strong with you. In June 2016, she had the honor of being selected to be a Certified Innovator and attend the Innovator Academy in Boulder #COL16!

Michele Osinski

Michele “Mo” is a 30+-year veteran with 27 years in TVUSD. She was bitten by the GoogleBug in 2015, and was drug, kicking and screaming to Las Vegas (OK, not really) to attend a Google Apps For Education (GAFE) Summit with Rosalinda. She learned SO much, and she’s dived head-long into using The Power of Google in her classroom as much as possible. Yeah, she’s old … but she loves to learn new tricks!