Blogging with Mari

Blogging with Mari


So, I’m in Tennessee at another EdTechTeam GAFE Summit. Ro is being held captive by 5th graders on a tour of Washington, DC and Virginia, so the Ro & Mo show is on hiatus. Although Ro has done two summits without me, this is my first without her & it feels AWK-WARD. Good thing that Kate & Mari & Jesse & Dee were here to introduce me to Crafty, Janet & Jess). The opportunity to out and play with my geeky friends AND visit with my daughter (Keegan, who lives in Nashville) was a perfect storm – especially since I’m on Spring Break. We had barbecue last night when the gang gathered, and I hope that I was able to wash off the (yummy) aroma in the shower this morning, because I sure went to bed smelling like it!

Now I’m sitting in a session on blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’d think that I’d blog all of the time since I love to write, but it just doesn’t flow. If someone MAKES me (like Mari is MAKING me right now), I’ll do it. If someone asks me to write on a particular subject, I can get it going and finished in no time. I just finished an “article”? for Mari’s “Passion Project” – a collection of educators’ stories. I DID THAT. It was fun. I just have no self-discipline, I guess. I really want to do more with my students and blogging next year. We started off, but like their teacher, my students didn’t have much self-discipline. I think by doing more inquiry-based learning next year and focusing on authentic audiences, we will rise to the challenge. I do know the quality of work improved when I had students post responses to Padlet: they knew that their peers were reading their posts and created some of their best work. I have no problem that they work harder for their peers than for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

OK … Mari is telling me to publish & post my link on a “class” Padlet, and I always do everything Mari tells me to do. ย ๐Ÿ˜€

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