Dear Geeky Tribe

Dear Geeky Tribe

So, at the EdTechTeam GAFE Summit here in Temecula last weekend, Kate Petty‘s closing keynote mentioned finding “your tribe”. She mentioned how others, even family, scoff at our geekiness.


Case in point: Yesterday (Thanksgiving) I woke up at 5:00 AM. I didn’t have to wake up at 5, but I did. Even though I’ve prepared MANY holiday meals at my house, this year I was a nervous wreck. Maybe because it’s the first one without my daddy, and I knew emotions would be raw. Whatever. I needed to do something to ease my panic and make the day go smoothly.

So, I made a spreadsheet.

I worked backwards, worked forwards, found an hour to shower and get ready, and it ruled the day. SO AWESOME.

My family laughed at me. *sad face* 🙁

So, I share it with my tribe. I know you’ll “get it”. Family didn’t laugh so much when EVERYTHING at dinner was perfect. *neener neener*


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