Design Your Own Digital Planbook

Design Your Own Digital Planbook

I currently use Planboard as my digital planbook and it works fantastically especially for leaving sub plans. However, I wanted to be able to customize it more to fit my schedule and it is set-up in sections which is not very elementary friendly. In addition, its week and month view still need work for it is hard to view on different devices. I do love that you can create units and have access to your Google Drive but the set-up is not as easy and I need it to be more customizable.

SO I decided why not make my own. I managed to spend hours of my life to create a very elaborate, complicated, and beautiful planbook using Google Slides and GoodNotes (Ipad app) that works with my Ipad Pro. I am very proud of it for I even have clickable links to it which is not an easy task to do when you import slides into GoodNotes. BUT… it is not as functional nor as accessible as I wanted it to be. For example, if I make a change I can ONLY view it on my Ipad and it does not update at all! Being held captive by one device does not work for me. I want to be able to access it at any time and on any device. So back to the drawing board!

As I was brainstorming ideas, I remembered reading a blog post about digital lesson plans using Google Docs (written by my talented friend, Meagan Kelly) and I was inspired to make a planbook that is more elementary teacher-centered.

Although I can not use my Apple Pencil to “write” in my planbook, I can use my Ipad to type and make changes as needed. Here is the basic template I created and I would appreciate any feedback. I made the planbook to be portrait style (8.5×11 inches) because I want to try to integrate it into GoodNotes or Notability when needed.

Digital Planner Portrait Template Nov 2017
Digital Planbook Basic Template

 I love the functionality that Google Slides allow when having to design or add elements that are hard to do in Docs. I especially enjoy the master slide function! If you are not familiar with using the master slide, you are missing out! Using the master slide, I can add a table, text boxes, images that will not be accidentally deleted or moved. I especially use the master slide function when I create slide templates for my students as well!

Here is a video from Meagan about using the master slide function.

I am excited to test-drive it and plan for the next three weeks!  I do teach a 4/5 combination class, so I have already made some changes to mine to fit our schedule but I tried to leave the template as basic as I could so feel free to make it your own. I would love to hear about it so tweet me or leave a comment below! 

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