::: Dipping my Toe into the Blogging Waters :::

::: Dipping my Toe into the Blogging Waters :::

Here I go..! Pushed out beyond my comfort zone by a certain friend *CoughRosalindaCough*.

As I said to her a few months ago, I had planned to ease into my retirement (7 years?) quietly. But, as a change addict, the temptation of bringing more technology into my classroom is just too great. I’ve never been afraid of *NEW*. I’ve never been afraid to fail. And I hope to show veteran teachers (read: old like I am) that it’s never too late. Heck. I didn’t finish my MA (in Humanities: History / Philosophy … nothing technology related!) until I was 51 years old.

RO is certainly the brains in this collaboration. I mean … I’m not stupid … but she never comes to ME for reminders of how to do something. I’m the organizer. The road trip planner. The hotel-room-for-an-awesome-rate ninja. The “You volunteered us for WHAT?”. The Felix to Ro’s Oscar. And, I’m a pretty good graphic designer. I really am grateful for Ro’s influence and enthusiasm. She has made sure that I have heeded Dylan Thomas’s words:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day; 
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

So, on the eve of Thanksgiving, as I take a break from listening to Christmas music and decorating my house, I will wish us – TechFairies – a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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