Got a List?

Got a List?

I have all of the technology in the world to help me NOT feel this way, but I won’t use it.

I have all kinds of extra time due to Winter Break, but I won’t use it.

What is it that causes me to go into paralysis when I have SO much to do but don’t do any of it?

I know that when I’m feeling overwhelmed with “Things to Do”, I feel much better when I make a list. Here I sit (actually, I’m lying on my tummy typing on my Chromebook), with 4 days of vacation left and I won’t even let myself make a list.

I do know that I have completed 6 of the 8 tech presentations that I need for January (3 started and finished during this break), and I was in my classroom for 4 hours yesterday “grading papers”. Of course, I decided to rearrange the furniture first….

I have to take Christmas down. And if you’ve seen my house at Christmas time, you know that’s no small feat.

I have to pick up my son at the airport (an hour away). He’s been in Nashville visiting his sister. I can’t wait to hear about their shenanigans. They’ve both been stingy with photos! I’ll only have 2 more days with him before we both return to work and I don’t want to spend those days doing STUFF.

So, this morning I’m going to make that damn list and get off my butt and get going. Now if I can just turn off all of my electronics (never mind that I NEED them to update my gradebook and Ro got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday & I bought two e-books on sketchnoting & that is one of my “things to do” this break).

I also need my phone for my NOTES app for that list….


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