Learning does not stop!

Learning does not stop!

It is always so sad when a GAFE summit is over! It is like a roller coaster ride of Google-ly Goodness.  You are nervous yet excited and a bit worried.  Once you start the ride, you feel the butterflies and maybe your “breakfast” rising up! LOL  However once you are locked into the seat there is no turning back! There are moments that are exhilarating and others that are overwhelming! You scream from excitement and terror. Once the ride is over you are excited and can not wait to share your experience.

GAFE summits are just like that! Sometimes I start sharing, creating, planning on the drive home mostly because MO drives! Other times, I need to decompress because I am so shaken with all my new knowledge that I have to sort and make coherent plan or reach out to my PLN! No matter what, once that ride is over I am always looking for another “ride” and ready to share my experience.  Can not wait for the next rollercoaster summit!

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