Microblogs of CA Geo Teachers Institute #CAGTI17

Microblogs of CA Geo Teachers Institute #CAGTI17

Microblog is different from a traditional blog because it will have content that is short usually with more pictures and will be posted more frequently.

At ISTE17, I was overwhelmed by the experience. I took notes, pictures, videos …but now to write a blog about my days at ISTE.  Well, that is a lot of information to discuss but I did a post about my takeaways from it. However, during my time at ISTE, I loved Ann Kozma’s idea of microblogging using PicCollage. She was able to give short descriptions and takeaways with pictures of her daily adventures at ISTE! What a wonderful idea!

I decided to share my experiences through microblogging of the CA Geo Teachers Institute (CAGTI17) in Mountain View, CA. This would be the first time the TechFairies would be presenting and I wanted to capture the entire moment.  MO and I attended the Geo Teachers Institute back in 2016 as attendees and this year we would be helping to lead it! What an honor to be a part of such a great event and we had a blast!

Being a part of this experience has brought together a new tribe of educators together to share their passion for GEO tools. I am so thankful to have been able to share what I know with them and build great friendships over the 3 days. Their students are so lucky to have them!

MO and I are so excited to ignite our GEO Journey and to share all that we know especially with how to use GEO with littles (K-5 students)! So stay tuned for future blogs or microblogs!

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Below you will find my collection of microblogs using PicCollage for the CAGTI17! What a great experience for us and all who attended! Get ready for some GEO goodness coming your way!

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