Mote Voice Commenting with Google Classroom & GSuite

Mote Voice Commenting with Google Classroom & GSuite

First of all, how is everyone doing? Distance learning has become the new normal in our household. Thank goodness for Mote Voice Commenting! More on this extension in a bit.

I have tried to stay on a morning routine, to my surprise…I like it. I wake up an hour earlier and use that time to plan my day. I am actually crushing my goals in the morning. I know, right?!

Baby steps, I have realized that if I am going to get stuff done…I need to EAT THE FROG. I need to do what I do NOT want to do FIRST. Doing that has resulted in being free of mental anguish and guilt for the day. Now I am not perfect and there are days that I pretend that I got everything done, but for the most part I am celebrating my small victories. If you want to know more about my morning routine, let me know. It truly has allowed me to be more focused and productive.

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One of my goals is to be more consistent with my blog, YouTube channel, and myself. Writing is not my favorite thing to do but SHARING is! I have challenged myself to write and record more. I like to share and collaborate with others. These videos and blog posts will be about edtech strategies and personal stuff…like my planner addiction.

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Here is my first contribution in over a year but done is better than perfect, right?

I teach fifth grade and find myself writing the SAME comments to students. I seriously am going crazy and I am going to start tallying every time I say, “Read the comments” or “Watch the video for more information”. I worry about how my comment or feedback can be misunderstood especially since I may use one too many exclamation points.

Mote Voice Commenting

I stumbled upon Mote during a late-night search session, you know the ones that leave you jumping from one post to another until you realize that you could no longer remember what you were searching for! I think I was planning a language arts activity but I do suffer from OSS (Oh, something shiny!), so I do not really remember.

Mote Voice Commenting Chrome Extension

Mote not only is for voice commenting but you can add emojis, a link, and gifs. Now if students do not have the extension, they will click on a link and be taken to the Mote website to listen to the audio clip. My video shows a demonstration of how students can access the link.

GSUITE & Google Classroom

Did I mention that you can download your audio clip and then insert it onto a Google Slide? In addition, you can add voice comments to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Google Classroom!

Within Google Classroom, you can only add the voice commenting on class comment feature or private comment. I did read on their website that they are working on the ability to leave a voice comment on the stream in Google Classroom. The Mote team is also working on a Google Drive integration as well. I fell down the rabbit hole. I was so excited to record a tutorial video to help guide you through Mote’s many uses.

Mote Voice Commenting for Google Classroom & GSuite

Thank you for reading and know that we need each other more than ever! Rock that distance learning in the comfort of your PJs!

Talk soon,

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