NEW Google Sites!

NEW Google Sites!


I have been using classic Google sites for a long time. I had finally come to terms that I had a love/hate relationship with classic sites. I used in constantly in my classroom, for professional development, and to teach myself new tricks.  However deep inside, I was sad. I was sad because when I would show someone how to use it…I felt that I was convincing myself to continue to use it more than I was convincing the other person. It was never user-friendly 🙁 

However, when I got an email this past spring indicating that I could be an early adopter for the NEW Google sites, I was excited! I could not wait. I knew that when Google rolled out a new product, it would be in beta, would be aesthetically pleasing, and would be updated constantly.

RO’s BITMOJI  is excited about the NEW Google Sites. 

As I started to use it I was not disappointed and thought about others out there that would be so thrilled to use this.  If you broke up with classic Google Sites because it was not very compatible; you MUST try NEW Google sites. Trust me you will not feel bad at all. I know I squealed with excitement when I added an image and it was resized all on it own! #easytoplease #iamsingle #techismypassion #ilovenewgooglesites #keepyourhashtagtoyourself 

There are some things to consider however when trying and using the New Google Sites. If you were into page templates, inserting iframes, gadgets, and HTML (just to list a few), these functions are not YET available in New Google Sites. YET!!! I am sure that within a few months to a year, those items will start to roll out and make us happy again. 

The NEW GOOGLE SITES will be released to ALL on November 21st, 2016! BE EXCITED! 

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