TechFairies at ISTE

TechFairies at ISTE


I’m writing during our flight to San Antonio and I’m a full of anticipation for this is our first time attending ISTE! We are so excited, especially to be in San Antonio as well (that’s on MO’s bucket list).

So far we have met one new friend in the flight and she is a first-timer as well!

Not only are we excited about the learning that will take place, but for the additions to our PLN that we will make this week. I love collaborating and learning new things.

What’s on the agenda?

I want to attend sessions that empower student learning!

I want to make sure that I survive my ISTE experience and remembering to hydrate.

Oh yeah… I also bought a microphone that I will use to broadcast our learning and the connections that we make! Twitter LIVE are you ready for RO? LOL

I ❤️ microphones! I “stole” this idea from Tony Vincent, and I learned so much from him last year! So why not bring the fun to everyone? 

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Did I mention that MO and I are presenting at the EdTechTeam Booth on Monday and Google Playground on Tuesday?  So excited for our very first ISTE! The plane has landed. Here we go! On to Day ONE!

Day One:

So we started our ISTE morning at the Alamo, amazing and humbling to be at this site. After our visit, we headed to the conference center and this place is huge! We grabbed our badges and headed out to the Edumatch luncheon at the Spaghetti Warehouse. What a great experience and conversations! Upon our return to the conference center, I watched the first round of ignite sessions! Ahhh-mazing! What are ignite sessions? These sessions are a 5-minute talk where the slides are automatically transitioning. Therefore, the speaker must be in balance with his/her slide deck. I Periscoped (is it a verb now?) most of the ignites. Watch them on our twitter feed or click here.

The opening keynote from Jad Abumrad, the founder of RadioLab, was enlightening: inspiring, but most importantly, how to be resilient. Be on the lookout for MO’s sketchnote on it!

So far what I have learned is:

  1. The Rule of Two Feet: “If you aren’t getting what you need, get up & leave!”-Wanda Terral
  2. Stay hydrated & don’t forget to eat!
  3. Make connections: face-to-face and on social media.
  4. Read the session descriptions! 
  5. Have Fun!

Days Two to Four…were a blur of great learning and social gatherings!

Want to see sessions and keynotes from ISTE? Follow us on Periscope!

We learned so much that from impromptu sessions and the connections that we made! We made friends at lunch, in the expo hall, and by just sitting to catch your breath! This was a great experience. Beware of future blog posts inspired by those we met and from what we have learned from these past days. We are definitely attending ISTE in Chicago next year!

Here are my FIVE takeaways:

  1. TWITTER is a must! It is the oxygen you need to survive a conference of this magnitude and to continue to grow! Follow these hashtags: #ISTE17,#NOTATISTE, #SketchISTE
  2. Explore the Expo! Talk to the vendors in the Expo Hall for some are truly wanting to connect with you and hear about what you think about their product. This goes for any conference that you attend. Of course, THE SWAG! Take an extra bag to store your swag.
  3. Stay thirsty! Try something new. Attend a session or poster session that excites and terrifies you at the same time. Sketchnoting is a “new” thrilling/scary thing for me. Remember to stay hydrated and to know where the nearest restroom is. Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Closed Eyes on Google Android 7.1 
  4. Bring snacks! My wise friend, Mari Venturino, devoted about half of her suitcase to snacks and treats…NO JOKE! Read about it on her blog! She was so right! Having to wait in line for conference food can make one very HANGRY! Thankfully anytime we did wait in line at the conference center the food was so worth it and tasty. However, that is not always the case at conferences. So bring snacks and maybe an extra suitcase for it! LOL
  5. SHARE! Being at a conference can be very draining but extremely rejuvenating! Make sure to share what you have learned with your friends, colleagues, and on social media. Our profession needs for us to share what we have learned so we each can grow and learn alongside each other. Never think that what you have to share is not worthy or as flashy…trust me you will be making a difference and it is always worth it!


MO and I get about two weeks to rest and then we are off on our next adventure; presenting at Google Geo Teachers Institute (CAGTI) in Mountain View, CA! Read about our experience as attendees last year.  We have had a busy summer. Stay tuned for more.Winking Face on Apple iOS 10.3

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