This way to the NEW TechFairies site!

This way to the NEW TechFairies site!

Welcome to our new site!

I blame Meagan Kelly! Her site, I-Heart-EDU, is sharp, clean, and easy to use. I reached out to her and informed her that I wanted to have all our resources, presentations, and blog posts to be featured on ONE site. I have always been a fan of free, but MO and I (at least, I think MO wants that…I’ll find out when she wakes up) want a more professional looking site for all our edtech adventures!

So, therefore, I blame Meagan and her wonderful husband, Garrett for not only providing tech support via remote desktop, guidance, and over 2 hours to help launch our new site. In addition, Garrett gave up his enchilada dinner to make sure that everything was up and running. I meet him yesterday via Google Hangout but I hear that he loves Chick-fil-a so he may get a present soon…just saying!

Thank you both so much! I am in love with this platform and how easy it is. I still have loads to learn but I am glad that I have my own personal tech support whether Meagan likes it or not…LOL! The power of PLN makes anything possible!

Breaking up with our New Google Site was hard to do and I will miss it. However, do not underestimate its power in the classroom and beyond (blog post to come).

This new site provides more functionality and possibilities for our ever-growing adventures.  Our new site is not even a day old and still under construction feel free to explore and let us know what you think. Did I mention that I still have to show MO how to navigate this new ride? Or that I was changing everything TODAY…I’m sure she will be okay. Fingers-crossed. 

4 thoughts on “This way to the NEW TechFairies site!

    1. It is a work in progress! Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to having you mentor me in this adventure!

  1. Wait, so what are you using? Also, I heard google is going to try to push old sites to new. If they don’t offer same widgets and HTML code, I don’t see it.

    1. I am using wordpress because I just needed the HTML and Widget functions. I do have to pay for this site and its initial set-up is not easy but I had some help! I have not heard anything NEW about merging old sites to new.

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