Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

When I get asked about which extensions are the top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers, I always state that I will always present ones that are essential in functionality and to help increase a teacher’s workflow. We need to work smarter not harder right? However, before we get started I want to explain what are extensions and how are they different from apps.

What are extensions?

Extensions are extra features that extend Google Chrome’s functionality and are easy to add.   Here are some examples of the functionality that a Google Chrome extension can add:

  • Copying and pasting text
  • Adding emojis
  • Recording voice comments
  • Creating a QR code
  • Organizing all your tabs in one tab or place 

☝🏼These are the stars of today’s blog post.☝🏼

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How is an extension different from an app?

According to Google Chrome page, extensions are “small software programs that customize the browsing experience”. Whereas an app is a web-based program that is accessible on your computer or via Google Chrome. For example:

  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Powerpoint
  • Calendar

You can find extensions and apps in the Google Chrome Web Store. In this post, I have listed the top 5 Google Chrome extensions below. Honestly, I use about 15 extensions but the following 5 Google Chrome extensions are ones that I use consistently and provide so much functionality. 

1. Clipboard History Pro

  As a teacher myself, I am constantly copying and pasting whether it be student names, data, resources, links and so much more. LINKS are the bane of my existence…LOL. Copying and pasting links is such a hassle!  

Clipboard History Pro is a Google Chrome extension, it will save all text that you copy. You can add tags to certain copied text so you can find it later. It will store more than 150 items (you set that limit) and you can edit the copied text as well. 

In addition, clicking on the star to add it to your favorites will keep it from being deleted. I use it every single day. I love how I can organize what I have copied with tags. 

In my video, I spend much of the time explaining and demonstrating Clipboard History Pro because it is such a powerful Google Chrome extension! 

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

2. JoyPixels

❤️ Adding emojis may not be a priority but I have found that leaving emojis on student work as feedback, or within a message/email changes the tone of the message. 👉🏻In addition, using emojis in the text can help to enhance and bring attention to your messages. 

Using the JoyPixels extension, you do not waste time finding your emoji keyboard on your device or relearning another shortcut. Adding emojis in Google Classroom and Google Sites is not only easy using JoyPixels for all you have to do is copy and paste it into the text. JoyPixels helps your visual learners and is an easy way to bring attention to a topic or assignment! Yes, you can add emoji to Google sites and withing any/all comments too! ☺️

3. Mote Voice Commenting

❤️I LOVE Mote Voice Commenting! I created a WHOLE video (and blog post) showing its many uses. Mote Voice Commenting will record audio but it does so much more! You can record audio recordings in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Google Classroom within the comment sections. The Mote Voice extension was extremely helpful during distance learning for I could leave audio feedback to my students. Seriously watch my video for all the details! This extension is just wonderful!

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4. One Click QR Code Generator

💀QR codes are not dead! They are a necessary tool for today’s educators. I know that many primary teachers use QR codes for the youngest learners especially for those using iPads. QR codes help to direct students to any type of information without them “typing” to access the resource. I use QR codes in my classroom all the time. 

Students would walk up to our morning journal prompt and scan it with an iPad and be directed to the prompt. I also used a QR code to have students to our Bathroom Sign-out Google Form. For parents, I would add QR codes to any flyer or communication that I would send home so that they could scan it if necessary to file or read later. 

During distance learning, students would use it to be directed to enrichment or intervention activities. You could use any QR code generator in the Chrome Web Store but I do prefer One Click QR Code Generator

Big THANK YOU to Craig Yen for sharing this resource with me! Click the image to get even MORE extensions!

5. One Tab

🙌🏼 Raise your hand if you have more than 5 tabs open at one time! I usually have about 10 open tabs at a time. How many times have you accidentally closed a tab…ARGH! Or found a great resource and thought you bookmarked it and now you have to go find it again? 

One Tab does exactly that! It will gather all your tabs into ONE TAB. In addition, you can title your collection of tabs. It is a beautiful thing. I love using One Tab when I am working on a unit of study for my students, gathering resources and information.  

Not only can I group and title these collections, but I can also share it as well. Wait…what? Yup! I would do this with my students all the time. I would find a collection of resources or videos then click One Tab and share it. I paste the link in Google Classroom or Seesaw for students to access. My video has a more detailed and visual demonstration of how One Tab works. Watch it, you will be glad you did! 😜

These are my top 5 Google Chrome extensions for teachers. Trust me I have MANY more I can share but these extensions help to increase the functionality of Google Chrome.

Click here for a collection of my favorite extensions.

Do you have an extension or extensions that are your go-to’s? Would you like me to feature more extensions? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to watch my video to see these extensions in action! 

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