Vegas Bound!

Vegas Bound!

I have about 10 minutes to do this post before we officially arrive in Vegas, the land where it all began! I can write and drive…just kidding. MO is driving!

At this time last year, we were without a “tribe”. We did not even know that tribes of our kind existed. As far we knew were we going to get a little information on how to use technology in education and come back to tell our principal that it was “informative”. Little did we know that we would forever be changed and set our district/classroom on a great path! Down the rabbit hole, we go!

So here we are in Vegas not as attendees but as presenters as well! We have made a great journey is the land of GAFE and made great connections. Our PLN has grown and will continue to because of what these summits provide. We hopefully will not become to distracted with what Vegas has to offer!

What do we love most about the GAFE experience? We LOVE helping, inspiring and empowering teachers to know that they are not alone. I love when they realize that they have found their tribe…others who “get them”. Getting “geeky” with others is the best, learning new tricks and tips, and mostly making NEW connections!

We are so excited to be a part of this experience! We do not present until tomorrow….so what do we do know in Vegas? So @edtechteam where are you…let’s hang out!




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